Graham Bassett is relocating to Berlin from 4 September 2014 to pursue activities in my role as a director of George Wood Movie Limited, a rights holding company established in the UK to produce a film on the life of George Wood, aka Fritz Kolbe. Kolbe smuggled over 2000 documents from the Berlin Foreign Office and the Wolf's Lair between 1943 and 1945 to the head of the US Legation in Berne, Switzerland, Allen Dulles. Dulles later became the founding head of the Central Intelligence Agency and the agency later declared Kolbe was the most important US spy of the war.

When he attempted to take his first lot of documents to the British, Kolbe was dismissed as a cad and a bounder. When the British were later asked by Dulles to check the veracity of the documents smuggled by Kolbe, they appointed Kim Philby to the task. It is understood Philby denigrated the documents to the British secret services while informing the Russians about the key spy the Americans had developed at the heart of the Third Reich.

Lucas Delattre has written a book about Kolbe's life, Un Espion au Coeur de al IIIme Reich.

He will be examining Cambridge University's new accreditation for non-English speaking legal practitioners, the International Legal English Certificate.

He will return to Australia in December 2014 for 10 days to run Southern Cross University's summer school on Cyberlaw at Byron Bay.